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Al Watson

Telephone:  773.568.4437
Fax:  773.568.4473


As a fairly new employee of Advocate Trinity, I have faced many challenges get adjusted to patient services. And when I was handed the responsibility of catering functions and the Doctor's Lounge food, I started to feel a little overwhelmed. Once I got acclimated, the one area that I knew that I could rely on is ordering food from Fanfare.  First, the warmth and the accommadation that I received grabbed me entirely. To be able to work with and talk to people that want and appreciate your business, makes you feel valued as consumer and a customer. The food has always been beautifully presented and delicious. With each time I've ordered food, having Fanfare work with you to meet to dietary restrictions that some our doctor's require has helped tremendously. The food has always been on time and I have never had one complaint. That is one of the reasons why I started ordering Fanfare three times a week.  Unfortunately, once renovations to our kitchen were completed we only required catered food once a week as oppose to five. I have made it my mission to keep Fanfare on that list of companies to use. Thank you all for your wonderful and helpful service. It has and will continue to be appreciated.



Shannon Nixon

Production Manager

Advocate Trinity Hospital


742 E 95th St

Chicago, IL 60619



We're open 9 - 4 pm 


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