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Dear Mr. Watson,

Rarely have I felt the need to write to a company from whom I have purchased services. I feel compelled to write you because of the fantastic service your company provides and the weight you have lifted off my shoulders.

As you know from our conversation when I first retained your services, I am an attorney in New York and my schedule and other professional commitments do not allow me the significant time I would need to personally arrange the comprehensive service you offer. My Father is an 81-year-old who lives alone but is finding it difficult to maintain the independence which he fiercely protects. His refusal to move to New York and my inability to move to Chicago has served a significant stressor in my life. Before I made contact with you, I worried daily about whether he was eating properly. Although my Father still cooks, I was not comfortable that he was preparing an eating balanced meals.

Your meal delivery program is a Godsend for both of us. You give me the peace of mind to know that my Father is eating tasteful and excellent quality nutritionally balanced meals, and my Father no longer has to fret over what he should prepare to eat on a daily basis. My Father does not qualify for home health care because he really is able to function quite independently for a man of his age, and I cannot afford to hire a personal chef. Your program meets our needs perfectly. We both love the variety you offer on a weekly basis. The menus have not been repetitious from one week to the next and the choices are always flavorful and interesting.

Thank you again for providing such a necessary service. As our life expectancies continue to increase and our families are spread all over this United States, I am certain that many adult children find themselves in my predicament. Thank you for developing this service that allows us to provide for our elderly yet still independent parents with the love and support we cannot be physically present to provide.

Thank you for setting my mind at ease,

Celeste Redmond-Smith
Assistant General Counsel
Office of the General Counsel
New York City Transit Authority

The Birth of Bistro In a Bag


We all have a daily routine - hurry home with a laundry list of things to do: pick up the children, attend an afterschool activity, help with homework,  walk the dog, laundry....the list goes on. With all this activity, who has time to decide what is for dinner and how to get it done? 


Could you imagine what it would be like to have a healthy dinner on the table in ten minutes?  Not just any meal, something you can really be proud to serve your family.  We know there are companies that send it for you to prepare, we are a little different and we are local.  All of our meals are Chef prepared. The best part is not having to worry about pots, pans, or cleaning the kitchen.  Dinner is supposed to be a time where the family reconnects and discusses each others’ day, not a task to be haphazardly executed while multitasking a number of other “must-do’s”.


Dinnertime became a mystery for me as well.  One day at work, we had some extras, so I brought the food home to my family for dinner.  It was truly a relief not to have to do anything but heat and serve.  Later that night, my wife said “why don’t you have the kitchen staff cook family meals for others?  We are not the only family in this go-go-go situation.”  She also commented “anybody can pick up one meal, have the kitchen staff prepare multiple meals.  That would make it unique and far more efficient!”


We urge you to transform your evenings and find out how to reclaim at least two hours lost every evening while eating a meal you could be proud of.  For more information click the image below and our weekly menus will be sent to you.

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