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The Matriarch

Faye Watson


With unparalled passion to details, our co-founder is the eye behind everything.  You will not find anyone who is as dedicated to making your event right as Faye.  She always asks the pertinant questions that often overlooked that ensure your event to be a total sucess.


She embodies each and every event as if it were her own.  If you are fortunate enough to watch a master at work, you will view a true visionary when it comes to event planning.  

"They catered our wedding and people are still raving about the food."


William S.


Al Watson


Total customer experience from start to finish is his forte.  Very few people understand the value of customer as Al.  He will go through all lenghts to insure that your event is flawless.  


It's possible you may see him roll up his sleeves in the kitchen or running the floor. Doing whatever it takes to make your experience unforgetabble is his goal. 

Sales Manager

Charisse Spearman


Charisse is a master at making your event as unique as possible.  Whether it's trying new setups or new food items, Charisse is on the cutting edge of the catering industry.


Extremely easy to talk to, she will soothe any anxiety you may have for your event day.  ​


Production Manager

Robert Parker


His uncanny ability to remember all details about you from event to event can't be matched.  He always gives a 110% making sure that the customer experience is second to none.  


Some of our clients acutally move their dates so that Robert can be on sight to run their event.



Team is a true defination of Fanfares. We are a family that works together in harmony when it comes to your event.  You will notice the difference as soon as your first contact with us.  


We take a team approach to all events giving it the more eyes are better than one when it comes to catering. Everyone in the front office knows about your event at Fanfares.  We spend hours examining your needs to insure that the front and back of the house are on the same page to meet your demands.    


We take the stress out of event planning, be it your once in a lifetime wedding reception or that all important corporate event. Speak to one of our professionals about creating the most memorable event possible.  


Working with Fanfares Catering was a delight!  I was extremely impressed by their timeliness and professionalism.  The food was absolutely delicious and it was presented nicely. Al Watson and his team had exceptional  customer service skills and I was blown away by their ability to interact with the guests at our event as well.  I would highly recommend that you use Fanfares for your next event!


Jessica Bunn
Assistant Director of Advancement Programs



Phone:  1 800 200 555



We're open 9pm til late


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