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Quite Possibly the Perfect Fruit for the Common Cold

I’m a proponent of you are what you eat, but this little study surprised me about how to get rid of a cold. Research has shown the effectiveness of the vitamin C in consuming kiwis if you have upper respiratory problems (colds, flu, influenza etc.)

The secret lies in the Vitamin C in kiwi, it is so powerful that it increases the levels of white blood cells and antibodies which fight the bacteria in your body. Kiwis actually “heal” people with cold/flu-like symptoms by reducing from an average of 5 sick days to 1 or 2.

The next time you feel a cold coming on or catch one, eat 4 kiwis a day and watch your symptoms disappear. I recommend making a smoothie.

Before you go and purchase cold/flu medicine, why not let nature heal you?

PS: I'm not a doctor, this for educational purposes only.

PPS: And yes Kiwis have more Vitiman C than Oranges.

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