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My parents, Faye and Ted, started the company when I was 10 years old. My dad who was a salesman for C & K Distributors, which sold Old Style Beer, was making a sales call at one of his clients. While he was in the office he overheard the owner making arrangements to sponsor a music concert. He overheard him saying he needed a caterer, and dad yelled “I’ll do it.” He looked at him and said “do you know what you are doing Ted?” Dad said “of course, done it many times.” We really didn't know what to do; we actually hired another caterer to do it for us for the next three months. Eventually, we learned and started on our own.


As business grew my parents decided they wanted to do this catering thing full time. They sat me down as a teenager to explain to me the concept of entrepreneurship and what it meant for the family. All I could yell out is “NO WAY, YOU NEED JOBS”. I am heading to college and how are you going to pay for it? I managed to graduate and we went on to become one of the elite caterers in the city of Chicago.


Thousands of events later Fanfares is focused on the customer’s experience. We take your ideas add our expertise and create the most unique event ever.   We invite you to become one of our clients and you will see the Fanfares difference.




Al Watson


Fanfares Catering was featured in a industry magazine

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